BJP's ally JDU demands review of Agniveer scheme

BJP’s ally JDU demands review of Agniveer scheme, debate erupts again


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Before the beginning of the third term of the Modi government, political debate has started once again regarding the Agniveer scheme of recruitment in the army.

On Thursday, after KC Tyagi, leader of Janata Dal United, BJP’s ally in the NDA, publicly said that the Agniveer scheme should be reconsidered, reactions started coming from other political parties as well.

JDU spokesperson KC Tyagi told news agency ANI, “There has been resentment among a section of voters regarding the Agniveer scheme. Our party wants that the shortcomings and shortcomings of this scheme should be discussed in detail, because the public has raised questions on it.” Are.”

This demand of JDU also matters because the new government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will depend on its support.

However, KC Tyagi also said that “We have given unconditional support.”
After KC Tyagi’s statement, when journalists asked Samrat Chaudhary, the Deputy Chief Minister in Nitish Kumar’s government in Bihar, about this, he replied that “Rajnath Singh has given a statement on this and has asked for a review.”

BJP's ally JDU demands review of Agniveer scheme

However, another minister of Bihar government and JDU leader Ashok Choudhary, while replying to the questions of journalists on the demand related to the review of Agniveer scheme, said that “Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will hold a meeting with the party MPs tomorrow where all the issues will be discussed. Will go.”

JDU leader Khalid Anwar said, “Whatever scheme the government makes, it is made for the benefit of the people. This government is the government of the people. If it seems that our youth have been harmed by this, the people of Bihar To the youth, to the youth of Uttar Pradesh or the youth of Punjab who join the army.If they have suffered loss due to this then the government will reconsider it. This is not such a big issue. The thing is that whatever will be beneficial for the people, we will do it, our Prime Minister will do it and our government at the center will do it.”

political reactions :

Meanwhile, Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav, who won 37 seats in Uttar Pradesh, also raised the issue of Agniveer Yojana.

He said, “I think that the Agniveer system should end immediately. The government should accept that it is their mistake that they should not have brought a system like Agniveer. And not only the Agniveer system should end but many youth who do not get employment. Paiya, wanted to join the army, he should also be given age relaxation.”

Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Mrityunjay Tiwari said in Delhi, “JDU is going to play an important role in this government. Nitish Kumar is one of those who follow the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi. The public will see what JDU does on this issue. Agniveer, special status and caste census are issues for Bihar. People are looking at what Bihar will get and what will be the benefit to the people of Bihar.”

Responding to KC Tyagi’s statement, newly elected Congress MP Deepender Hooda said, “The entire country is against it. I think what JDU has said is right. The Agniveer scheme should be ended immediately.”

Rajya Sabha MP and former Union Minister Kapil Sibal said, “Many people are dissatisfied about this scheme. I think it has also affected the elections. Especially in Uttar Pradesh and other places. ‘Merciful God’ should think That this should be considered. Because ‘Bhagwan ji’ will now move ahead with everyone’s thoughts.”

Aam Aadmi Party’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh said, “The Agniveer scheme is a betrayal of Mother India, a betrayal of the Indian Army. And the Prime Minister should have already canceled this scheme… just like earlier recruitment in the army was done.” “It should have been done the same way. I think this demand raised by JDU is absolutely 100 percent justified.”

Before the political debate on Agniveer Yojana that started on Thursday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been raising the issue of Agniveer Yojana during the election campaign.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had announced on May 30 that he was going to cancel this scheme. However, the results of the Lok Sabha elections had not come then and the final phase of voting was yet to take place.

Rahul Gandhi had said, “We are going to cancel the Agniveer scheme. The Prime Minister has converted the soldiers into labourers. We will transform the soldiers into soldiers again.”

Earlier, in a rally in Patna on May 27, Rahul Gandhi had clarified the Congress’ stand on Agniveer Yojana and said, “The first task is for you… for the youth of India… this Agniveer Yojana, it should not be implemented. We are going to throw it in the dustbin. We don’t want two types of martyrs. We don’t want two types of soldiers.Every soldier will get the status of martyr. Every soldier will get pension. Every soldier will get a canteen and the Government of India will protect every soldier. We do not want such an India where you make the poor people Agniveer and give pension, canteen and all facilities to the rich people. We need a young man. We are ending the Agniveer scheme, we are canceling it.”

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